Luray Family Room & Studio

'We would like a Family Room.' A place to relax and enjoy the view north to Mt. St. Helens. The existing house was a bit dark - this was the opportunity to bring a large amount of natural light into the house. The Family Room was generously sized so it would be comfortable for two people, family gatherings of 12+ people, or for entertaining. Below the Family Room was space with a terrific view, so the decision was made to include a Studio below the Family Room, giving the dark basement a new life with light and views. The Studio can double as a guest room, so there would be places to sleep for everyone at large family gatherings. A new bath was carved out of a tight space and designed to still feel spacious. On top of the addition is a green roof that greatly improved the view from the Master Bath on the second floor.

Photography: Mitchell Snyder

Contractor: Hammer & Hand

Structural:Madden & Baughman

Interior decorator: Lee Kidd